Hello, our Lipreading and Communication group has been running for a number of years.  We all have different kinds of hearing loss from mild to severe, and meet to support each other and help each other build self confidence and self esteem. We welcome anyone who wants to join us. We cover quite a few things which include:
  • Lipreading Stories.
  • Speech Movements.
  • Communication Tactics.
  • Communication Awareness.
  • Inviting Outside Speakers to the Group.
  • Helping people to cope with their hearing loss.
  • Hearing Aid Maintenance. and much more…

We are a very warm and welcoming group, where everyone helps everyone else, and strong friendships have been made. Please just turn up at the Mosses Centre in Bury BL9 0SB, 10 – 12 on Mondays,  but if you want to let us know in advance, and/or would like more information, then feel free to e-mail me ruth.lord@outlook.com You can also contact us via the Mosses www.mossescentre.co.uk or our tutor Michael on 0161 796 1621 or e-mail at mk59zun@outlook.com. We have also gained affiliation with Hearing Link:   www.hearinglink.org/lipreading Hard of hearing group


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