Well, hello again! It’s been a while since I posted on here – put it down to life happening. The Hard of Hearing Support Group is still going strong at the Mosses Centre in Bury. Our super tutor Mary continues to stimulate our little grey cells with essential info about Jaffa cakes and KitKats. What a revelation – in Japan this chocolate is very popular and comes in many different flavours (and colours) including green bean, soy sauce and Christmas pudding.  But not in the same bar.

Earlier in the year we were approached by an Audiologist who asked if we could give a taster lip reading class to a group of hearing-impaired people at his hospital. Joan and Suzy duly rose to the challenge and, by all accounts, a good time was had by all.

Some of our members have been kind enough to record their experiences with the Hard of Hearing Support Group.

Our newest member Jean says:

 In relation to the group, I can honestly say that it has been a great 

experience in my life.   I was already trying to learn signing and finger

spelling on my own but learning with others is much more beneficial.  Also,

there is no need to underline how isolating hearing impairment can be.  

Obviously then, being with others in the same position can be of great benefit

as one finds that others are going through similar experiences. To be able to

laugh together is a recognised factor in improving health; so that is a bonus. 

Also knowledge is shared within the group in relation to aids, etc. which help

in daily life.  This knowledge might be more difficult to access if one did not belong to a group. 

Margaret : The Hard of Hearing Group at the Mosses Centre has been invaluable to me. It has given me back some of the confidence that deafness takes away. I have been coming to this group for many years and I am still learning new ways to overcome the challenging situations that deafness brings. It is a disability that is not seen and deaf people are often ignored. We get advice on the new technology that is available and are encouraged to make the most of sub-titled cinema and theatre productions.

Tony says:

I have been going to the Mosses Centre for almost three years, and it has proved to be extremely helpful, and it is my now favourite place to go each week. I have also managed to attend social functions and meetings much nearer to home, that I previously would never have considered possible.

Not only has our Group been able to provided me with expert tuition, but I have also met some very nice, friendly people who not only have similar problems with their hearing, but who also share a desire to improve our communication skills and socialising with the community in general.  They are an “easily Likeable”, “albeit Mischievous”, Bunch!!

Thanks, guys!


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